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Supply: We not only provide our customers with a wide range of genuine, high quality products with a wide variety of models, updated to the latest trends, and modern to meet the needs of our customers. Goods and technology innovation. In addition, we are agents of famous radio companies such as Motorola, Hytera, Icom, Kendwood ... help you choose the most quality products and prices are extremely suitable in the market.

Consult: Do you need a radio communication device for your company, your organization's business, but still do not know which product to choose? Just contact our sales department, our consultants, and you will have the answers for free in the shortest possible time.

Warranty and repair service: The South East is the representative of warranty, repair and supply of batteries and accessories for distributors with a team of technicians with high knowledge, enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Call us when there is any problem with your device.

Leasing: South East meets the demand for rental of radio and headset communication equipment for organizations and individuals wishing to use for the following purposes: events, tourism, conferences, exhibitions cinema, security, management of restaurants, hotels, maritime stations, airports, industrial factories, high-rise buildings, festivals, parties, bars, camping , music shows, advertising, opening, ground breaking, press conferences, races ... Come to us to get the best equipment at the most competitive prices.

Brand message:


  • With a development orientation as a radios supplier, South East carries on its mission:
  • Give customers the opportunity to experience the best product, safest, most affordable;
  • Brings customers the most innovative technology and solutions;
  • With celebrity maker putting radios in real life;


Southeast with the development orientation is a reputable radio provider, Southeast efforts and strive to become the strong business of supply and rental of Vietnam's prime radio, with the aim of:

  • Providers of radios covering the provinces and cities of the country;
  • Business products selected for the benefit of customers;
  • Reasonable prices, competitive;
  • Outstanding customer service;
  • Being a reliable partner of manufacturers, distributors;

Core values:

By core values:

  • The quality of products and services is always top priority;
  • Flexible sales policies, always towards the interests of customers;
  • Customer service professional, fast, dedicated;
  • Quality human resources are always focussed training.
  • Technical consultancy, warranty service, quick repair, compact, accurate;
  • The relationship with the manufacturer is always high;

Dong Nam believes that it will always fulfill its mission and business objectives to become the leading provider of radio communications in Vietnam.

  • 090 7871 888: Mr Tu

  • 0904 991 381: Ms Quynh